Foundation Year – documents

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The list of required documents:

  • a photocopy of an id (UE) or passport’s personal data page and page with visa – a candidate will have to present original passport after arrival to Poland
  • a photocopy of the original of secondary school (maturity) certificate or another document (with a full list of final grades), entitling to undertake university-level study in country in which the certificate / document was issued
  • in case of application to second-cycle (MA) studies – the higher education diploma (MA, BA, engineer diploma or equivalent) with a full list of grades obtained during the course of study, entitling to continue university-level study in country in which the diploma was issued
  • a legalisation / authorisation of above-mentioned documents (or apostille if the document was issued by an institution operating in the educational system in a country that was a member of the Hague Convention of 5th of October, 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalizing foreign official documents)
  • a document stating that the certificate / diploma entitles to undertake or continue university-level study in country in which the certificate / diploma was issued (such proof should be issued or certified by the school or educational institution which issued the certificate / diploma or by educational authorities of the country which issued the certificate / diploma or in which system of education the school operates)
  • a health certificate stating that there are no objections to undertake studies by a foreign candidate
  • Translation to English of the above-mentioned documents (a sworn translation will be required before admission to studies)
  • certificate in English at least at B1 level
  • candidates who do not have certificate in English will be qualified on the basis of the placement test result (B1 level); the test will be available online; candidates who submit all the required documents will obtain access to the placement test

First intake: July 2018


Data publikacji: 09 sierpnia 2016